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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I avail extended warranty?

    Click here to register your product to avail the extended warranty.

  • Where can I find a warranty information?

    Click on the "Terms and Conditions" for detailed information on warranty and other business polices

  • I purchased my iPhone from another country, why cannot i use it here?

    If your iPhone is attached to a carrier (AT&T, Vodafone etc..) You may check with them if your phone can be unlocked to be used with any network. If you have purchased a factory unlocked phone (Not attached to any network) it can be used anywhere.

  • Can i use the iPad with any network?

    Yes, if your iPad is a wifi-cellular version, it can be used with any network as long as they provide data package with their service.

  • Can i buy Apple in the US and have it shipped to your store?

    No, its not an option due to legal terms and conditions on imports.

  • Do you repair Apple products?

    Yes, we are an Apple Authorised Service provider, and our trained Apple certified technicians work on the repairs as per guidelines by Apple.

  • Why should i buy Apple products at your place?

    We are an Apple Authorised Reseller. All the Apple products we sell, are from an Authorised channel with 1 year warranty and iPads with 2 Years. We provide after sales service and support.
    Note : If purchased from "Gray Market" warranty/support will not be applicable.

  • If i buy in Ghana, can i claim warranty outside the country?

    Yes, you may have to show them the purchase invoice to claim the warranty.

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